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Selling Current Home

real estate agent in Michigan

When looking to sell a property that you currently own, the best way to ensure that you get the value you’re hoping for is through getting the assistance of a skilled real estate agent. Making the choice to reach out to Great Lakes Real Estate Agent for your needs will provide you with the assistance you’re looking for.

We have been the agents of choice in the Rochester Hills for many years and bring the full weight of our experience to your needs in order to sell your home.

Establishing Value

Appraising the property, getting an average from the neighborhood and making a list of all the items and changes that affect the overall value of your home, establishing a figure that you’re content with and the wiggle room that you’re willing to put into place.

This gives our agents a baseline in which to operate within and the ability to work on generating interest without having to come back for further updates at all times, which gives you the means to focus on the next steps you have to make in your journey.

Being Visible

Once we have all the necessary information on the goals you have in mind, it then comes time for our agents to work their magic, getting your listing out there and getting interest generated.

Without having a number of potential buyers, the process can take longer than anticipated, having to put all of their efforts into closing a singular deal rather than having the necessary ability to move between deals and to leverage one against another. With the highest level of visibility comes the capability to close a deal closer to your desired outcome, while satisfying the buyer at the same time.

Selling the Home

A key event when it comes to the sale of your home is the open house. There aren’t many buyers out there willing to purchase a property sight unseen, which means preparing the property for a number of visitors. Our real estate agents work with you to prepare your property to be optimally laid out in order to maximize attention, presenting the best of your home.

Ultimately, the open house is designed to pique the interest of potential buyers and our professionals know how to provide a thorough and attentive service designed to generate further attention regarding your property.

Negotiating Closes

Once interest has been generated and offers begin to be presented, our real estate agents once again work closely with you in order to find the options that are the closest to your desires, which have negotiation clauses that need to be further investigated and any other potential expenses that may be incurred during this process.

Throughout our many years of providing real estate services to the Rochester Hills area, we have amassed the necessary experience in which to provide you with a thorough result in this regard. We work hard to ensure that you get the most for your property.